Stressed out to Revitalised

Read this blog post and ask yourself these questions to see if a HeartMath Restore, Renew, Revitalise coaching programme is for you:

  1. Can you continue to manage your current stress levels if nothing has changed five years from now?
  2. Thinking about your current situation – which of the stress relief solutions that you are implementing is currently working?
  3. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “I have enough energy levels for my favourite hobby or pastime”
  4. What do you honestly need to do with your stress to get your energy and resilience back to a level you would be happy with?
  5. Do you want your mojo back?

The world’s great leaders, musicians, athletes and Olympians find their personal formula to create the greatest possible chance of success for themselves and/or their teams – what is yours?

Is it working or do you even have one? If not, what is stopping you finding a formula that works?

If you are genuinely committed to improving your life, the HeartMath work can be transformative. If you want to have more energy, through 1:1 coaching you will be shown how to use the power of your heart to reduce stress and enhance performance, productivity and the quality of your life and work, none of which you can have if you are not managing your stress and high-pressure situations.

Stress is a fact of life and affects us all. Take back control with this simple in the moment approach.