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Julie Courtney

Visiting this site and exploring the pages should tell you how my work will benefit you. My work is all about you, my clients. I strive to help you get the outcomes you want and deserve in any aspect of your life that you know needs to improve.

I recognise however the work of a coach, energy and wellbeing practitioner is deeply personal and therefore you may need to know more about me before deciding to embark on a programme. 

I am a businesswoman, mother, second time wife and founder of a corporate business called the Resilience Formula which provides resilience and mindfulness training and coaching solutions to organisations. The business embodies my philosophy “keeping pressure positive” and we successfully work with leading organisations that know inaction on the resilience of their people will affect commercial results. I am also deeply interested in holistic, energy work and heart-based living and if you are reading this site, it is because this side to my work may be of interest to you.

Through my private client work, I offer QiGong classes, coaching, stress relief and Mindfulness programmes tailored to your individual needs as well as group training days, workshops and retreats. I also offer Heart based Mindfulness in Movement workshops and Taster sessions in seated based Mindfulness practices.

Having had a highly successful corporate career in the city, south east Asia and the Middle East as I headed towards turning 30, divorce, having lost a baby and parents to accidental death and suicide and then developing an auto immune disorder, with a few heartbreaks along the way, I had faced major life changes and had to develop strategies to deal with each of these challenges. 

I continuously explore my interest in wellbeing, holistic and energy work and have spent over 10 years studying numerous therapies, coaching and energy practices. I have discounted the ones that do not resonate with me personally and kept the ones that have consistently delivered results for my clients. This journey of exploration and discovery will never stop!

It is my passionate belief that enabling people not just to recover from stress and tension in the physical body, but to create a deeper and longer-lasting transformation through learning skills to apply themselves in the moment of high pressure - that amazing results can be achieved. The concept of energy must be considered along with using the whole body, particularly the heart and gut to positively influence your life.

My number 1 driver is that I want to empower you which is why I encourage all my clients to have coaching so you can learn practical skills that you can use at any time of day or night – so you do not become dependent on me or the therapy room in order to get stress relief, energy or balance.

I combine my professional background with rich life experiences to ensure I can work with a wide range of people from City bankers, stay-at-home dads and mums, executives, young adults lifting themselves out of gang culture to those recovering from serious illness and/or considering a life change and wanting some support during this process.  I balance a direct approach with warmth and empathy and a sense of challenge and fun.

I invite you to take up the offer of a no obligation telephone or Skype consultation to discuss if my work is something that will help you.