Finding a way to relieve stress and limit the impact stress has on your body can seem impossible when you are under so much pressure. My stress relief programmes show you how your physiology can respond differently to stress and teaches you how to manage your reactions in stressful situations. Through your new, healthier response to stress, you will create a positive impact on your body and mind.


Stress Relief Courses

The stress relief programmes can be run as a one-to-one session or a group workshop depending on your requirements. You are welcome to book an introductory session so that we have a chance to meet and discuss my approach and how this could help you before booking onto a course.

Set in tranquil surroundings and within easy reach of Tunbridge Wells and London, Sheepwash Barn, Goudhurst, Bedgbury Road is the perfect place to relax and take time out so that positive steps can be taken towards your goal. However if this location is not convenient, I am also happy to coach over the phone, via Skype or discuss an alternative venue to suit you. Please note that travel time and costs will be added if an alternate location is agreed.   

What’s involved?

Tailored to each individual's need, these focused and practical programme's combine personalised coaching and a detailed practice plan to meet your personal objectives.

I offer in-depth, intensive one-to-one coaching or small group workshops, or a combination of both, to help you learn to utilise simple and practical techniques and technology to build your personal resilience strategies.

These techniques will help:

  • The ability to recognise and disengage from the negative impact stress has on your body and mind

  • Better understand the relationship between emotions, stress and mind-body health

  • Restore nervous system health and increased energy levels

  • Transform stress on demand, any time, any where

  • Improved mental clarity and problem solving skills

At the bottom of this page you can read what clients thought of the course

How do I know if I need stress relief?

There are many indicators of stress including:

  • Struggling to keep up with everyday routines

  • Short tempers resulting in arguments over petty things

  • Loss of confidence

  • Increased fatigue and decline in general wellbeing

  • Feeling tense or sick when thinking about work, another person or a specific situation

  • Withdrawing from social activities

  • Expressing negative emotions

Stress can appear in many guises either in the workplace or at home and admitting you are stressed is the first positive step.

As an accredited stress relief coach, I provide you with the tools you can apply in moments of high pressure and using HearthMath technology can accelerate your learning and track your progress by providing bio-metric feedback on how well you are mastering the technique's. Everything is discussed is confidential and safe, providing the opportunity to really understand your stress triggers enabling you to build your ability to change your responses and develop sustainable and long lasting stress relief.

The stress management course in Tunbridge Wells came just at the right time for me – the following day my husband was made redundant! The course was invaluable in helping me to cope with the inevitable panic, stress and anxiety that my husband’s news brought. The key messages of ‘pacing yourself’, ‘looking after your health and wellbeing’ and ‘understanding stressful situations and how to make the most of them’ were very useful, (instinctively these things tend to go out of the window when something like this happens), I used the techniques to gain composure and stay positive when things got very stressful. Julie was also very good at relaying that life is full of ups and downs and that we all need to have strategies in place that work for us. The course covered lots of useful information, relating to the medical science behind stress, our instinctive reactions to stress, if we are aware of our stress signals (e.g. not sleeping, playing candy crush into the wee hours) then we can combat the stress early on before it gets too bedded in. I particularly liked the fact that it covered lots of techniques and you could then see which one resonated with you. Great course and I am looking forward to the follow-up.
— Maria Cassidy