Regain your energy and vitality with a Restore, Renew and Revitalise Mindful Resilience coaching programme

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About Mindfulness Coaching

As a stress resilience and mindfulness coach I help my clients to find the motivation and self awareness to reach their wellbeing goals. 

Each programme is tailored to your individual requirements and will be designed and agreed between you and I during a no obligation discovery consultation. This consultation will help us establish what you want to accomplish, and what area of life would benefit from increased mindfulness, so we can map out a plan to help you achieve those goals in a healthy, balanced and mindful way.

Through discussions, action learning, self reflective exercises and a Heart focussed approach to developing your Mindful resilience, I will offer support and guidance that will empower you to achieve goals such as:

  • Better understand the relationship between emotions, stress, performance and health

  • Increase resilience, vitality and feel better more often

  • Achieve a clear perspective in difficult situations

  • Revitalise relationships

  • Improve overall ability to manage regardless of the pressure

  • Boost your confidence as an individual, business professional or parent

  • Improve your skills in public speaking, chairing meetings or preparing for exams

Through approaches such as HeartMath, QiGong based Mindfulness together we explore simple and practical techniques to build your personal resilience and mindfulness on both a conscious and unconscious level. This can genuinely improve personal effectiveness, stress management and wellbeing - leaving more energy for the fun things in life. It is often helpful to incorporate mindfulness in movement exercises to help focus the mind, relax the body and provide a sense of calm.  

If you are ready to reduce stress by improving energy in order to enhance the quality of your life and work, then embarking on a programme of one-to-one personal coaching can be transformative and take your self-awareness to a deeper level.

Book a course

The mindfulness coaching programme is typically run as a one-to-one session but can be adapted for small group workshops. For one-to-one coaching a free consultation is provided before we start the course.

Set in tranquil surroundings and within easy reach of Tunbridge Wells and London, Sheepwash Barn, Goudhurst is the perfect place to relax and take time out so that positive steps can be taken towards your goal. However if this location is not convenient, I am also happy to coach over the phone, via Skype or discuss an alternative venue to suit you. Please note that travel time and costs will be added if an alternate location is agreed.  

A typical mindfulness programme includes 6 personal coaching sessions and costs start from £499 excluding VAT.

Please contact me on 07872517109 or email to discuss how I can help you reach your goals or to discuss tailoring this programme for groups.

As a new mum running a business I needed to find new ways of dealing with stress whilst optimising performance. Balancing growing an international business with the needs of the family had its challenges. Under Julie’s clear instruction I achieved instant results on dealing with stress, which had immediate positive benefits. Julie’s introduction of the heart focused Mindfulness techniques has enabled me to use the tools at anytime and instantly, it really works. I’ve tried a lot of relaxation, alternative therapies and various self help practices – but this is by far the most empowering and easy to use in day-to-day life.
— Lorna Leck, Managing Director Sales Activator