Tai Chi in Tunbridge Wells – A time for calm and focus in a stress-filled world

As I scroll through the newspaper headlines on the BBC website, I could (almost) kiss the journalists from the Daily Mail who have reported on a recent study carried out by scientists that supports what I have always known to be true; how we deal with stress will affect our long term health.

‘The Study found that it wasn't the amount of stress a person was dealt each day that made the biggest impact, but how they dealt with the stress…in the short-term, with illness or exercise, the body experiences a high immune response to help repair itself. However, in the long term, chronic inflammation can undermine health, and appears to play a role in obesity, heart disease and cancer’ Daily Mail 10th June 2015

Stress, fatigue and muscular aches and pains are a reality for an increasing number of people, but how many of us actually stop to think how valuable it would be to learn strategies to help us deal with the inevitable pressures – and sometimes pain – of modern living.  So, what is the key to finding peace in a stress-filled world?  

Being in the ‘stress-beating’ business I continuously research and try out new stress solutions, and it’s the ones I offer through my practices that I believe to be the most effective.

Bringing with it, a raft of health benefits, Tai Chi QiGong is one solution everyone should try.

This low impact practice provides a sequence of healing exercises and techniques that are easy to learn, and consist of movements performed in a fluid, continuous way, combined with good posture and deep rhythmic breathing. What appears flowing and effortless on the outside is a result of cultivating deep relaxation on the inside. Aimed at men and women of all ages and ability, the routine's will create a sense of calm and focus, and after just 12 weeks the positive effects to your wellbeing, energy levels and body strength will have developed significantly.

I’m no gym bunny as I much prefer to exercise as I roam the beautiful Kent countryside, but Tai Chi QiGong is one of those disciplines that anyone can do anywhere. My classes are very informal and taught in many different venues including, Studio One in Tunbridge Wells and in the grounds of Risden Barn, Hawkhurst, but once you’ve got the hang of the routine you can practice it at home, in the park or (if you’re brave enough) in the office.

If you practice Tai Chi QiGong regularly you’ll reap the long term benefits, and if you combine this with Heart based mindfulness breathing strategies and techniques (a topic for another blog!) you’ll be sure to reduce stress in any aspect of your life.  

For more information on Tai Chi Qigong, a long list of benefits and the classes I run, visit the Tai Chi QiGong section of my website www.juliecourtney.co.uk.